A condenser is a device or unit used to condense a substance from its gaseous to its liquid state, by cooling it. Working in tandem with the AC compressor, the AC condenser acts as a heat exchanger for the vehicles air conditioning system. Once the refrigerant is pressurized and heated in the compressor, the refrigerant flows through the AC condenser in either a serpentine or parallel flow system. The refrigerant then cools either from highway wind at high speeds or via cooling fans or fan clutch while idling or at low speeds.

This multi-flow condenser has an overall width of 32 1/, fin width of 31 1/, 16 1/ height and thickness of 7/8-in. This 77R series condenser unit also features a multiflow coil type and designed for Volvo VN Series applications. It also comes with type no. 4 header and radiator mount.

Red Dot Corporation warrants i’ts on and off highway air conditioners, heaters and replacement parts against any defects that are due to faulty material or workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase or date of installation unless otherwise noted.

Red Dot has been designing and building premium mobile HVAC units and components since 1965. Red Dot delivers innovative climate control solutions to even the most demanding commercial and military customers.

  • Coil Type: MultiFlow Type
  • Applications: Volvo VN 8084348, 20461065
  • Overall Width: 32 1/2 in.
  • Fin Width: 31 1/2 in.
  • Height: 16 1/4 in.
  • Thickness: 7/8 in.
  • Fitting no.6 (5/8 in.): D
  • Fitting no.8 (3/4 in.): F
  • Header Type: 4
  • Header Material: Aluminum
  • Mount Location: Radiator Mount
  • Note: Volvo VN Series OEno. 8084348, 20461065; GM Pad Fittings


    04-1615, 04-1616A, 041616A, 1000-CON6426, 1000364265, 1000624642, 1050028, 1050029, 1050074, 1050091, 1050091AR, 1050119, 1050120, 1050129, 1050130, 1141615, 1160554, 1210340, 12615, 1518010, 152010, 1701073, 20370258, 20370259, 20408586, 20408590, 20461065, 20461069, 20461083, 20498138, 20498140, 20516418, 20585504, 20710389, 20733349, 20824831, 20956551, 20956552, 20956587, 20984817, 20984819, 21000184, 21095126, 21095290, 210RD290, 21146403, 21814382, 21814392, 22314813, 24-51200, 2451200, 2602030C1, 2608015, 2MF567M, 3092918, 350-2109, 3502109, 351318511, 400-2826, 4002826, 41615, 41615AC, 41615PFC, 41616, 4379-RD463430P, 4379RD463430P, 602020, 623307, 6245A, 651615, 656245A, 656277, 77R0585, 77R1502, 77T4161530, 79040, 8084347, 8084348, 8084349, 8084398, 8084447, 8FC 351 318 511, 8FC351318511, 9142750, 9241615, ABP N83 306022, ABPN83306022, AC245A, AC277, AIR6245A, AIR6277, AP51200, CD41615, CD41616, CM112098, CN41615, CN41615PFC, CON0062, CPT41615P, HDC010666, HDC010666P, HDC010667, HDC010667P, HDH010155, K1518010, KPT41615P, M522000, M7930100, M7930104, MEI6245A, MEI6277, N83306022, OTT90030759, PB1275, PB12750, PL3245, PT41615, PT41615P, PTAC6245A, PTAC6277, RC CON6426, RD-4-5430-0P, RD-4-6343-0P, RD463430, RD463430P, RDHRD463430P, RDT6245A, RDT6277, RDT77R0585, REA300881P, RF17550747, RF86400674, S19223, SCSI9241615, SPI79040, TC41615, VLV20461065, VLV21095290, VLV21814392, X041615

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