Delco Remy alternators mean premium quality, increased efficiency, and second to none technology for the commercial and off-road vehicle industry worldwide and the 36SI is no exception. This alternator is lightweight and features our proprietary stator design that uses less engine horsepower and translates to substantial fuel savings, not to mention it makes for easy installation. The 36SI specifically is made with a brushless design, making for fewer moving parts and internal connections which leads to longer life. This alternator is built with a dual internal fan design (DIF) that provides maximum cooling technology. It’s also equipped with heat dissipating radiant vents and thermally tolerant components to ensure high output in high temperature environments.

This Delco Remy 36SI 165 Amp Reman Alternator is specialized for Freightliner, International, Mack and Volvo vehicles that utilize pad mounting.

Our 36SI alternators feature a 2 year, 250,000 mile warranty. This particular product is a remanufactured product. Purchasing Reman products not only benefits you and saves money but the environment as well when you send products back for remanufacture.

Delco Remy has been making best in class medium and heavy duty truck parts for the past 75 years. Today, we continue to leverage our experience to provide innovative solutions for your vehicle’s electric system challenges. Switch to Delco Remy today and say hello to durability and reliability.




  • 165 Amp Alternator
  • Fits to pad mounts
  • 2 year – 250,000 mile warranty
  • Built with heat dissipating radiant vents and thermally tolerant internal components to ensure high output in high temperature environments
  • Features a brushless design with fewer moving parts and internal connections for longer life
  • Dual internal fan design provides maximum cooling technology
  • Uses less engine horsepower which makes for substantial fuel savings
  • Lightweight design for simplified installation



Alternator only.


2 year – 250,000 Miles


10459608, 10459611, 10459614, 19011252, 19011253, 19011258, 19011262, 19011267, 19011268, 19011272, 19011273, 19020889, 19020900, 21248989, 2132-8600127, 21328600127, 21328700047, 8600015, 8600043, 8600060, 8600066, 8600073, 8600082, 8600127, 8600143, 8600145, 8600171, 8600201, 8600202, 8600203, 8600231, 8600244, 8600248, 8600252, 8600315, 8600367, 8600404, 8600405, 8600415, 8600422, 8600488, 8600519, 8600524, 8600645, 8600771, 8600772, 8600773, 8600889, 8700001, 8700002, 8700004, 8700007, 8700008, 8700013, 8700018, 8700030, 8700039, 8700040, 8700047, 87000478700067, 8700047RMAN, 8700054, 8700067, 90-01-4516, 90014329, 914516, A-1709, A9-036-0170PM, A90360170PM, ALT8614, AM1771, D27-6001-0130P, DR 8600127, DR 8700047, DR-8600127, DR8600127, DR8600248, DR8700047, DRA8700047, LN4951PARM, LNLBP2189RM, OTR360170PMR, RWA8614D

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Additional information


$120 Refundable Core Charge

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