This Mitsubishi Electric 12V Diamond Power Starter is made for Volvo vehicles. This starter has a bullet-proof design that’s built to handle high start and stop applications. It’s compatible with Cummins ISX engines manufactured from 2007 to present day.



  • Bullet-proof design for high start-stop applications
  • Advanced Thermal Durability
  • Exceeds industry requirements for heat, vibration and corrosion resistance
  • Lightweight for easy installation
  • 3 year, unlimited mile warranty



Starter only.


3 year


009T70077, 10461753, 10461777, 141720, 19011506, 19011516, 19011517, 19011518, 19011519, 19011521, 19011529, 19011530, 21328200289, 21328300009, 22366DR, 22821042, 428000-4440, 428000031, 4280001211, 61003778, 61003779, 6911N, 8200040, 8200050, 8200083, 8200090, 8200091, 8200289, 8200290, 8200308, 8200319, 8200411, 8200604, 8200605, 8200623, 8200627, 8200628, 8200661, 8200662, 8200686, 8200692, 8200694, 8200820, 8201078, 8201079, 8300009, 8300009AUT, 8300009RMAN, 8300019, 8300019RMAN, 8300031, 8MJ4298AM, 8MJ5439M, 91014561, 91014561N, D616002002, DR8200289, DR8300009, DR8300019, FL0579, FL0777, FL0975, FLTST3907, IN0976, IN1478, K19011521, M009T70579, M125632, MIB70579FL, MIB97059, MITIN1478, MJ5439M, MK0077, MS2500, MS2501, MS2502, MS2503, MS2504, MS2507, MS2510, MS2511, MS2514, PC0979, PC1479, PC1879, S90391101, S90391139, SDR0316, STR-4207, STR-4208, STR-4290, STR-4292, STR4207, STR4208, STR4290, STR4292, TG4280001211, TLS4561N, TS1743, TS1780, VV0776,

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