roduct Description

Scotseal Plusxl Seal

Application Summary

Heavy Duty Wheel Seal

Features & Benefits

  • Consists of four sealing lips: a spring-loaded primary sealing lip, a radial and axial dirt lip, and an outer bumper lip
  • Helps prevent the most common cause of premature seal failure—improper installation
  • Effectively withstands wheel end temperatures up to 300º F as it uses the advanced new HNBR (Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) material on both sealing surfaces
  • Made compatible with a wide variety of synthetic fluid lubricants
  • Continually sweeps oil back to the bearings with its patented Waveseal design
  • Offers better sealing as it comes with a “fat footprint” beaded design
  • Provides maximum bearing protection as it keeps road contaminants out while keeping the lubricant in
  • Stringently tested to ensure the seal will hold up under extreme conditions
  • Preferred by many OE truck and trailer manufacturers
  • Cross Numbers 35058, CR 35058, CM 10003911, CHR-35058, CHR/35058, CHR 35058, A 1205B2264, 1458-35058, CHR35058, UZ0305E0, SS64530, 48090, SS64414, 305, 69699, 65263W, CR35058, 847, 705400P, 65263U, 312100, 296393C91, 1654331C1, 1554331C1, 1611843C91, 1615304C1, 16911843C91, 596555C1, 447561C91, 1688203C1, 394894C91, 370001A, 9339S, 6638S, 380001A, E7HZ1190A, D1HA1190AA, E2HT1190AA, E8HS1190CA, E6HZ1190D, E3HZ1190B, 1205L1338, A1205B2264, MER0236, MER0136, A1205G631, 1205N1912, A1205E2475, 1205U2491, 1205W1375, 32QJ29315, 32QJ269, 364SZ206, 364SZ100, 940010029, 940010010, 15663537, 940010014, 940010039, 640013604, 940010021, 6819970446, E7HT1190AA, D5HZ1190B, D1HZ1190A, D0HZ1190B, 100858201, 100858401, 181.CR35058, 181CR35058, 3130997908, 1391572, 10045885, 10080738, 35103, WS3701A, 35059, 35058PRO, 35102, 35066, 35062, M10HH154, W03HH102, 308-0836, 383-0136, 382-8036, 383-0236, 4131214, 4131220, 4131249, 3942006, 940015001, 1436900006, 3080836, 532207, CHR35059, CR35059, CR35062, CR35066, CR35102, CR35103, CR532207, EA847, EFE7HT1190AA, F0HT1190AA, FOE7HZ1190A, FVCHR35059, GS59, HT1190AA, HZ1190A, MI705400P, N4847, NA370001A, O1GS59, OL436, PN312100, R35059, SS35059, ST3080836, T165263U, TOOL436, WI940010029, ZZ370001A, HS35059, 3828036, 3830136, 3830236, 145835058, CM10003911
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